Our mission



Neetzotz was established to address the reality facing too many youth in Gateshead’s education system.

Traditional education is not cut out for everyone. Certainly not those who don’t fit in the cookie cutter mold, whether due to academic, social or emotional needs.

This leaves many students falling through the cracks

Throughout England, and particularly in the North East, social and mental health problems are on the rise among young people.

Gateshead ranks the 47th most deprived local authority in England out of 317,

So even where a student’s academics are up to par, Gateshead’s youth often carry enough baggage from personal circumstances to drag them down further, to the point of dropping out of education or turning to the crime-ridden streets. Or worse, emotional breakdown.

Neetzotz decided to reverse that.

Our mission

We believe that every child deserves to succeed in life, regardless of their academic, personal or domestic circumstances. We give them the practical and emotional tools to achieve that.

Our Vision

We’re determined to create a world where all young people are supported and empowered to achieve stability and success from adolescence through to adulthood.

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how we work

Neetzotz focuses on preventative measures, aiming to support vulnerable youth before they reach educational fallout. We do this with a three-pronged, holistic approach, engaging with our youth, parents and educators, to achieve all-rounded positive change.


We provide children and adolescents with bespoke social and emotional services and interventions, thereby maximizing their opportunities to succeed.


We provide parents with opportunities to enhance their parenting skills so that they can better support and guide today’s youth through the challenges they face.


We provide educators and key workers with specialist training and ongoing support to prevent educational fallout.

It’s a ‘win-win-win’ situation

where we work

We are based in the Bensham section of Gateshead, but our reach goes from North to South England, with our youth and adult phone lines, parenting helplines and remote therapy referrals high in demand by users across the country.

Locally, The Neetzotz Centre, which is leased until 2025, is the main hub of activities, including recreation, training and mentoring sessions.

Youth have the appropriate facilities to acquire skills and confidence and are on their way to a successful future.


As a team of experienced educators, we understand the unique issues young people face.

To the max. Till they shine.


Our history

the story of a spark

Group 117

In 2011, Neetzotz was subcontracted by the Gateshead Sparc programme, which sought to re-engage young people at risk, to prevent them from becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

By 2014, through recreation, skill-building and mentoring support, Neetzotz exceeded the Sparc team’s expectations with a 100% achievement and progression rate for almost 150 young people.

In 2016, Neetzotz acquired charitable status, taking our uniquely coined name — a combination of NEET + neetzotz, Hebrew for spark, a play on the Sparc initiative — and igniting our mission into a movement.

Group 245

By 2022, given our sterling success rating, Neetzotz has become the go-to address for responding to the emerging needs of 21st century young people in Gateshead and beyond.