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After school club

The after-school club, YESH, (Youth Education and Social Hub) offers a wealth of excitement for children in a safe, relaxed and structured environment. It’s a place for underprivileged children to grow and thrive.

Living in small terraced houses, with no space indoors, the children would be attracted to the streets. Wandering aimlessly is a recipe for trouble, especially in the surrounding area, which is unsafe and high in crime.

Children are entertained in a professionally-run, safe and structured environment. To meet the oversubscribed demand, they can each choose from two weekly sessions of light inspiration followed by recreation. Activities include crafting, like art and woodwork, or sports, including football, cricket, swimming and races.

The children feel fitter, happier and more fulfilled and the positive experience impacts their overall wellbeing.

Tutoring and mentoring

This is a supplementary service to mainstream education, as standard
schools do not cater for those with extra needs.

Ignoring their issues would exacerbate the problem and impact their ability to learn a trade or find employment later in life. This programme gives them that academic or emotional boost.

Educators with decades of experience mentor students in a safe setting and non-judgemental approach. They identify their needs and partner them with tutors who revise the day’s learning with them, help with their homework and top up with more specialised teaching methods. Where necessary, children are referred for professional help.

The children feel cared about and reassured, knowing they will not be left behind because someone is looking out for them.

Bedtime program

This is a delightful phone hotline for children to call before bedtime, to help them unwind earlier and more amenably. Staggered call-in slots cater for different ages.

One of the many facets of home life that the Covid pandemic unravelled was evening routine. Bedtime structure went out the window, as homeschooling meant there was no official end to the day.

Masterful storytellers and educators give pep talks and inspirational stories on the line, with incentives for regulars and early birds, resulting in a much anticipated highlight of their day. Children are reported to drop everything they’re doing at 7:30pm, willingly readying themselves for bed and grabbing a phone to engage in the soothing, motivating and intriguing content.

The children fall asleep with a smile on their lips, inspiration in their ears ... and enjoying a more fitful wholesome sleep, impacting their entire next day. And let’s not forget the juggling parents, who now skip the stress of bedtime and have got back the luxury of their evenings, giving them essential down time together.

Parenting line

This is a helpline for parents from across England offering 1:1 expert
parenting guidance and advice from qualified educators.

Parenting adolescents is hard. Neetzotz realised that social and behavioural issues in school were often traced to clueless parenting, such as little discipline — or too rigid discipline. Parenting can make or break a child. It was important to get it right.

The Neetzotz helpline empowers parents and provides them with the tools to problem solve and make strategic and effective parenting decisions. It is a sophisticated, custom-made software where callers can pre-book their chosen consultant, receive a personalised appointment code and get a reminder 15-minutes before their appointment.

Issues are resolved before they become real, restoring the harmony at home, giving the child a sense of trust in the adults in their life and helping them achieve success.

Education workshops

Neetzotz coordinates and hosts education and training workshops presented by mental health professionals and world-acclaimed educators.

With thousands of children and teens in the local education system, many of them from vulnerable and deprived backgrounds, it is critical that staff and volunteers in all schools undergo training and awareness — so they know their job and when to intervene.

The 8-10 hour workshops are held biannually and are open to both teachers and parents, assuring a consistent, streamlined approach at both school and home. Eight local colleges are represented, some of which have international students, effectively resulting in a global positive impact.

Participants acquire the tools they need to intervene appropriately in any given situation and deliver first-response help, catching problems in the early stage. This prevents long-term damage and reassures the wellbeing and success of hundreds of students.

Inspiration hotline

This is an adult hotline brimming with inspiration, education and motivation
lectures on a vast range of topics.

During the pandemic’s lockdown period, adults — especially the elderly and vulnerable — went from a steady routine of social life and community events to complete isolation. This meant little to no human contact for months. Still-evolving surveys show that emotional distress tripled during that period.

Neetzotz set up the phone facility, adding newly recorded lectures every day from world-acclaimed subject matter experts and educators, so there was something that appeals to everyone. It was such a success even post-lockdown, that it is maintained and continues to receive between 80-100 calls a night from callers across England.

More than a mere distraction or activity for lonely adults, based on the feedback, this uplifting service gives callers a sense of meaning to their long days and genuinely-improved quality of life.

Youth choir

This is a cherished opportunity of talent training and on-stage performance.

Children have so much talent and potential, but in today’s digital world it is often left dormant and undiscovered, precious opportunities of their youth lost to the temporary glamour of the smartphone.

The Neetzotz choir is a multifold benefit. Youth get together for weekly sessions, where they enjoy the unique experience of professional voice training in a relaxed social setting. They also practice for live performances, which they present regularly on stage at community events.

The children develop beautiful musical talent, gaining an early potential into a future singing career, while reveling in the thrill of the spotlight, which fills them with confidence and pride.

Therapy referral and resource

Neetzotz is also a referral body, signposting students who need therapy to
the right provider, using their own private Skype facility for discreet remote

With over 700 students dorming in the small town of Gateshead, there is a great need for local professional therapists. Previously, two therapists would travel from out of town every fortnight, meaning a dearth of availability, choice and specialty.

Neetzotz established a private facility equipped with Skype, so students requiring emotional help can access therapy in a discreet, confidential setting. Neetzotz is affiliated with 12 international licensed professionals, so they can choose the best suited provider and they avail themselves promptly as needed.

The students’ emotional needs are met in the most targeted way and without delay, ensuring prompt, professional, accurate care in every situation.

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