Shloff Gezunt


What is the Shloff Gezunt Program all about? 

 Every night, when they are ready for bed, hundreds of boys across the UK call in to the hotline. They listen to a mishna being taught very clearly, and then they enjoy a fascintating bedtime story. The program ends off with relaxing, heimishe music.


 I heard there are lots of incentives. Can you tell me more? 

 Every Sunday there is a raffle to win £5 Cash. Every Thursday one person is chosen to be the ‘Kid of the Week’. The kid of the week gets to speak to Rabbi H! After each Masechta all members receive a special branded prize for the siyum. Each Month or so, you will receive a special newsletter delivered to your door, with puzzles, pictures and more! 


 Sounds amazing! How do I join the program? 

 Anyone can phone up and listen for free, but to be a member, you must sign up and pay the membership fee. You will receive your personalised membership card and key fob, which will entitle you to receive a complimentary Shloff Gezunt Mishnayos for every masechta, along with the fun newsletters and exciting prizes.


 How much is the fee? 

 The cost is only £35 per term (pesach till sukkos), and is payable  in advance. 


 What time does the program start, and how long is it for? 

 The program goes live each Weekday (Sun to Thurs inclusive) at 7pm, and lasts for about 20 minutes. But remember – to be entered into each week’s raffles, you need to call in every day by 9pm! 

 There is a monthly book raffle only for boys who didn’t miss a night that month. 

How do I sign up? 

Visit or call the hotline on 0191 366 2512